16 Effective Home Remedies to Remove Skin Tags

pores and skin tags are scientifically known as achrochordon, they may be innocent growths on the pores and skin surface that appear like tiny flaps of skin. despite the fact that non-cancerous and benign in nature, they could affect the physical look and shallowness of a person if they seem on the face or different exposed parts of the body like legs and arms. pores and skin tags constitute of nerve cells, fibers, and fats cells and are covered through the epidermis layer of the skin. pores and skin tags typically appear on body parts that have creases on the pores and skin like eyelids, underarms, neck, chest, breasts and the groin. they’re extra not unusual amongst human beings suffering from diabetes, weight problems or obese problems and pregnant ladies.The wide variety of skin tags present at the pores and skin may range from one to loads. even though there are some of cosmetic approaches to take away pores and skin tags, like different issues of the pores and skin in which we use natural remedies like inside the case of psoriasis, warts, moles and corns, it is great to opt for slight domestic treatments for skin tags as properly, which can be effective but no longer harsh on the pores and skin.

What causes skin Tags?

pores and skin tags are not unusual amongst each ladies and men, and they arise typically for the duration of midlife, after the age of fifty. it is believed that rubbing or friction created through skin rubbing against skin causes skin tags. This explains why skin tags are typically discovered on pores and skin with creases and folds. a few studies also display that there’s a link among skin tags and human papilloma virus (HPV), so people with low-chance HPV 6 and 11 have extra chances of growing pores and skin tags. In sure cases, fallacious steroid use additionally causes the formation of skin tags due to the fact the steroids interfere with the muscular tissues, promoting the collagen fibers of the pores and skin to bond. humans stricken by weight problems or those who are obese also have pores and skin tags maximum likely because there are greater skin folds in their bodies.

 pores and skin Tags

pinnacle sixteen domestic remedies for skin Tag elimination at domestic

forget about surgical treatment and beauty treatments, and eliminate pores and skin tags evidently at home with the assist of those 16 time-tested herbal treatments!

Apple Cider Vinegar

natural apple cider vinegar is a one-stop remedy for all kinds of pores and skin and hair issues, and it is a herbal manner to treat dandruff, itchy scalp and scalp infections. it is also useful for pores and skin tag removal at home clearly. The acidic nature of apple cider vinegar breaks down the cells and tissues of the skin tag so that it falls off simply after some packages. it is best to soak the skin tag with some warm water or a few minutes before software of apple cider vinegar. people with touchy pores and skin type must thin the apple cider vinegar through including some water to it.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Immerse a cotton swab in apple cider vinegar and apply it at once to the skin tag and leave like that. Repeat the cure three times a day for some weeks which will remove the pores and skin tag. you may experience a stinging sensation after application of the vinegar, however it will go away quickly.

Oregano Oil

Oregano isn’t always simplest an intensely fragrant herb this is used to boost dishes, but the important oil of oregano is likewise beneficial for pores and skin tag elimination. The phenolic terpenoids compounds like carvacrol, thymol and p-cymene present in oregano oil possess powerful anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antimelanomic, antiseptic and anti-oxidative homes that assist in destroying the pores and skin tags from the roots by means of drying it out. however it is excellent to use oregano oil after diluting with some provider oil so one can save you skin irritation and crimson marks.

Oregano Oil

blend 3 drops of oregano oil with 6 drops of coconut oil and apply it to the pores and skin tag three instances a day. it’s going to take kind of three to 4 weeks from then for the skin tag to drop off.

Fig Stem Juice

Figs are one of the maximum famous end result with a scrumptious and refreshing flavor, loved by way of human beings everywhere in the international. The juice extracted from a fig stem is one of the handiest home remedies for pores and skin tag removal. The acidic nature of fig stem juice enables in correcting the alkaline-acid balance of the skin and gets rid of pores and skin tags with the aid of disintegrating the cells and tissues which make up the tags.

Fig Stem

Take some fig stems and crush them with the intention to extract the juice. observe this juice without delay at the pores and skin tags. Repeat this remedy three to four times every day for two to four weeks to eliminate skin tags.

Tea Tree Oil

The blessings of tea tree critical oil for skin are numerous. the two fundamental elements in tea tree oil – terpinene and cineol are beneficial to deal with a huge form of skin diseases and troubles. Tea tree oil is a natural treatment for greasy skin and is a natural pores and skin tag elimination remedy as properly. It indicates set off effects without causing any ache. The oil dries out the pores and skin tags from within way to its antibacterial, antifungal and antibacterial homes, so the pores and skin tag falls off on its own. The antiseptic properties of the oil also prevent further infection after the skin tag has been removed.

Tea Tree Oil

wet a cotton ball with water and squash out the excess water, trickle a few drops of tea tree oil at the wet cotton ball and press it at the skin tag and rubdown gently for a couple of minutes. Repeat this remedy three times an afternoon every day till the pores and skin tag falls off.

Lemon Juice

when it comes to treatments for skin issues, there’s nothing like uncooked lemon juice. application of lemon juice is a mighty therapy for darkish circles around eyes. Lemon juice is also one of the most inexpensive home treatments to put off pores and skin tags which are comfortably available in the kitchen. The citric acid discovered in lemon juice decomposes the cells and tissues of the pores and skin tag and erodes it away with time. regular application of lemon juice will result in some modifications within the colour and texture of the pores and skin tag. however it is essential to wash away the lemon juice from skin very well earlier than stepping out in the sun as it makes skin more touchy.

Lemon juice

Squeeze out the juice of half of a lemon and use a cotton ball to smear the juice on the skin tags. depart it for 1 to two hours after which wash off with water. Repeat it 2 to three times a day for two weeks and spot your pores and skin tag coming off.


This robust herb isn’t best extensively famous for spicing up dishes, however garlic additionally has splendid medicinal properties which make it an critical component for Ayurvedic remedies. Garlic is in particular effective in restoration skin illnesses, and is one of the fine treatments to treat ringworm in human beings. Garlic is also the exceptional pores and skin tag elimination answer way to its amazing antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal residences. The herbal enzymes present in garlic shrinks and dries out pores and skin tags. however one should be cautious about the heat of garlic, that can reason skin inflammation.

garlic cloves

Press some cloves of garlic and practice the paste immediately to the skin tag, cowl it with a bandage. allow it to stay like this for 2 or 3 hours after which dispose of the bandage. Repeat this remedy 2 times a day for 1 week to take away pores and skin tags absolutely.


Fenugreek is loaded with super medicinal properties, and is a wealthy supply of protein. Soaked fenugreek seed paste is one of the most famous herbal treatments for hair growth. The effective antioxidants found in fenugreek seeds additionally make it one of the most practical skin tag domestic remedies. The antioxidants present in fenugreek seeds do away with lifeless skin cells and shrink the size of the pores and skin tags, and finally make it disappear absolutely.

fenugreek seeds

Steep 2 to 3 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds in a tumbler of warm water overnight, pressure the water and drink it first aspect in the morning on empty stomach. however word that the fenugreek herb isn’t suitable for human beings tormented by anaemia or thyroid problems.

Pineapple Juice

this is a rather scrumptious treatment for the elimination of pores and skin tags. The acidic nature of pineapple juice makes it a useful herbal remedy for putting off suntans, and the enzymes found in pineapple enables in enhancing the features of the digestive system. it’s miles the enzymes of pineapples that degenerate cells and tissues of skin tags in order that they cut back and fall off by themselves over the path of time. it’s also beneficial for removing warts and moles.


cut a few portions of pineapple and overwhelm them to extract the juice. Dab this juice at the skin tag the use of a cotton ball, but don’t wash it off. Repeat this treatment 2 times an afternoon for 10 days to peer brilliant consequences.

Onion Juice

despite the fact that onions are popularly utilized in domestic treatments for promoting hair growth, the topical application of onion juice or onion slices is also one of the simplest ways to cast off skin tags. The distinctly acidic nature of onions destroys the cells and tissues that include the pores and skin tags in order that they fall off by themselves.


Chop 1 onion into small cubes and add half of teaspoons of salt to it. blend and depart in a single day. the next morning, crush the salted onion to extract the juice and apply the juice at the tags. Wrap the area with a bandage. Repeat this treatment 1 time each day for 10 to twelve days for best results.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is the fave treatment of grandmothers throughout, they swear by using the effectiveness of castor oil. natural cold pressed castor oil is frequently used in home made hair remedies for dry broken hair, and it additionally promotes the boom of thicker eyebrows and eyelashes. ordinary software of castor oil dries the tissues and detaches the pores and skin tag from the skin so that it falls off subsequently. This treatment indicates speedy effects inside just 10 to fifteen days.

Castor oil

put together a paste with the aid of adding 1 a part of baking soda to 2 elements of castor oil. Smear this paste at the skin tag, cover with a bandage and leave overnight. the next morning wash the location with lukewarm water.

Aloe Vera Gel

The natural soothing and hydrating homes of natural aloe vera gel make it a famous factor in facepacks for dry skin. Aloe vera gel is also one of the maximum useful home remedies for removing skin tags clearly with out causing any pain or pores and skin irritation. The anti inflammatory and antioxidant residences of aloe vera gel assist in treating the skin tags. but you may want natural aloe vera gel for this remedy.

Aloe vera

spoil a leaf from the aloe vera plant and scrape out the gel from inside. follow this gel to the skin tag and rubdown in circular movement for little while. allow the gel to get absorbed into the skin absolutely. Repeat this remedy three times an afternoon for 2 weeks to get first-rate results.

Baking Soda

Sodium bicarbonate, popularly known as baking soda is a not unusual aspect in home treatments for pores and skin and hair. Topical software of baking soda paste is useful for treating cysts and undesirable growths, and it’s far the satisfactory pimple remedy at home. Being a slight exfoliating agent, baking soda additionally helps in casting off pores and skin tags and moles. The anti inflammatory homes of baking soda dry out the tissues and cells of the pores and skin tag.

baking soda

upload a few baking soda to heat water to make a thick paste and smear it on the skin tag. rubdown in a round motion for couple of minutes, anticipate 10 minutes after which wash off with water. Repeat this remedy 2 times a day for 2 weeks. some people might experience skin irritation from baking soda, in which case this remedy have to be discontinued right now.

Cauliflower Juice

eating fruits and greens to lose weight is widely known, however raw greens are also beneficial for treating diverse pores and skin conditions. Cauliflower juice has the potential to remove skin tags by means of drying out the tissues and cells from within. It additionally facilitates in making the skin clean and even after the skin tag has been removed.


Take a few small portions of cauliflower, 1 small potato, 2 cloves of garlic and positioned all this stuff inside the blender. combo to create a clean and thick paste. Dab it on the skin tag every night before you fall asleep. cover the area with a surgical tape. remove the tape inside the morning and wash the vicinity with water. Repeat this treatment every night until the skin tag is removed.

Dandelion Stem Juice

this is but another useful and inexpensive natural treatment to put off pores and skin tags. The juice extracted from the stems of dandelion plants are useful in treating numerous skin troubles like warts, moles and eczema along side pores and skin tags. it works by way of drying out the skin tags from inside so that they eventually fall off. folks who are allergic to flora like marigold, daisies and chrysanthemums can also be allergic to dandelion and must, therefore, keep away from this treatment.


Pluck a few dandelions and squeeze the stems to convey out the milky liquid. practice this liquid immediately to the pores and skin tag and allow it to air dry. Reapply the juice 3 to four times an afternoon for two weeks.

diet E Oil

Topical software of diet E oil is the final approach to the question of a way to get a clear face certainly. diet E oil is important for keeping and enhancing ordinary pores and skin health and it’s also one of the maximum beneficial home treatments to get rid of skin tags. The antioxidant homes of diet E oil have the capability to do away with pores and skin tags and regenerate new skin cells.

diet e drugs

reduce a vitamin E capsule and practice a coat of the oil on the skin tag. cover it with a dressing tape and depart in a single day. Repeat the treatment every night for 10 days to get effective outcomes.

Banana Peel

most people ignore this humble fruit due to its high-calorie content material, but bananas are surely loaded with health benefitting minerals, and the identical may be stated for banana peels. Banana peel is a powerful supply of essential minerals like potassium which helps in treating and doing away with pores and skin tags, moles and warts.

banana peel for psoriasis

location the inner of a chunk of banana peel over the skin tag and connect it with a bandage. preserve it like this in a single day and eliminate the bandage the next morning. Repeat this nightly ritual day by day till the skin tag is long gone. It normally takes 10 to twelve days for the pores and skin tag to fall off.

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